About Us

Biogeoclimatic Zones of British ColumbiaBC is a world leader in sustainable forest management retaining roughly 91% of its original forest cover compared to when it was first discovered and settled. Western Canada is the country’s main supplier of wood construction & finishing products, and one of the world’s largest exporters of wood fibre. If our supply is not designated specifically for export by Forestry BC it must be advertised locally before we are permitted for export.

While deforestation creates 20% of human generated greenhouse gases and is the permanent removal of the forest, harvesting (Canada’s approach) when it’s part of sustainable forest management, is followed by regeneration of the forest. Environmentally speaking, wood products are great as they take far less energy to produce than concrete, plastics, metals and other materials, and their production has fewer impacts on air and water quality. Carbon remains in long-lived products (houses, furniture, etc) instead of burning or rotting.

Canada Wood Fibre Corp. is primarily a log trading company specializing in log and log home exports to the Asian markets. We are able to export out of the Vancouver and Prince Rupert areas which allows us to offer a wide variety of species and levels of quality in both first and second growth timber to our customers.

Any logs we export are certified ISO and SFI approved which speaks to the high standards of our forestry harvesting practices when it comes to environmental concerns. This means we supply diverse, high quality fibre, harvested by environmentally responsible operations. Illegal logging is not an issue in Canada because of its multifaceted governance structure for sustainable forest management, which includes well-developed public policies, legislation and regulations, enforcement, regular monitoring, and public reporting.

Log exports contribute and bring income to local communities, tugboat companies, longshoremen, logging outfits, trucking companies, log processors, stevedores, shipping companies, and government agencies to do with business, exports and forestry. As a result many other industries benefit in turn from the revenue generated and spent in all of these areas.

The most popular uses and products derived from our wood are:

  • OSB (oriented strand-board), particleboard, fibreboard, vencer, and waferboard
  • Plywood
  • Interior finishing
  • Curtain walls
  • Softwood lumber
    (furniture, doors & windows, framing products,
    prefabricated buildings, roof trusses, cabinets/counters,
    structural beams, molding, flooring, fencing, etc.)
  • Wood panels
  • Pulp, paper, and newsprint
  • Log Homes
  • Wood chips
  • Leftover Bark and Bark mulch
  • Leftover sawdust
  • Bio Energy
    (hog fuel, wood pellets, etc.)

Our ownership has over 30 years experience in the logging industry and has also been manufacturing top quality log homes for over 20 years. Canada Wood has staff directly involved from start to finish in all of our operations which ensures quality control throughout harvesting, processing, and manufacturing.