Log Exports

Log species we currently supply:

Clicking the picture or name above each species will take you to more detailed information regarding their uses, properties, and grade sample pictures.
Western Red Cedar
(Thuja plicata)
Western Red Cedar
Douglas Fir (Coastal & Interior)
(Pseudotsuga menziesii)
Douglas Fir
Engelmann Spruce
(Picea engelmannii)
Engelmann Spruce
Sitka Spruce
(Pinus sitchensis)
Sitka Spruce
Amabilis Fir (often referred to as “Balsam”)
(Abies amabilis)
Amabilis Fir
Western Hemlock
(Tsuga heterophylla)
Western Hemlock
Subalpine Fir
(Abies lasiocarpa)
Subalpine Fir

Sales Procedure

In order to quote exact prices, we will need your company details and preferences including your legal company name, type(s) of finished products to be made from the logs so that we can recommend applicable species and grades, which tree species required, which grade(s) required based on the Scribner or BC Interior scale, expected volume of each species/grade (minimum 1000 m3/order total), length and diameter preferences (minimums and/or maximums), and schedule of when the order is expected to be filled.

Once we have your preferences our sales team will put a quote together which will be valid for 30 days after it is issued.
Feel free to contact us or your Canada Wood agent regarding samples and quotes or any questions you may have.

Scaling (Grading and Measuring)

The customer may set length preference and minimum as well as top & butt diameter minimums. Our wood will be graded and measured by a government certified “scaler” using the BC Interior Scale (metric uses m3) and the Scribner Scale (board feet) if required. Grade is determined by knots allowable/3 meter section, top size, twist, ring count, rot %, cat-facing, sweep, shake, crook, pistol grip, weather checks, middle hole size, and other factors.

Formula to find cubic meters with BC Interior grading system is:
Butt diameter in cm2 x top diameter cm2 x length in meters x .0001571 = cubic decimeters / 10 = 1m3.

Interior grades applicable to our products are:
1 = Premium sawlog
2 = Sawlog grade
4 = Lower grade sawlog to Paper/pulp grade
6 = Undersized sawlog

Link to the BC Interior scale grading and measuring system

Link to the Scribner scale grading and measuring system

In Scribner measurements are always taken down to the nearest inch and the formula to find a board foot with the Scribner Scale is:
Top diameter in inches (1″) x length in inches (12″) / 12 = (1’) board feet


Our pricing includes the container stuffing and transport of logs to container shipping yards for those being shipped by container while we are also responsible for the bundling of logs for those being shipped by break bulk carrier. We will facilitate in any way we can should your company need our help to find shipping options. Generally smaller orders are shipped by container while larger orders may be shipped by break bulk carrier.