Log Homes

Handcrafted Log Homes incorporate the original and traditional methods of the log homes built by the early settlers with the latest technology available. At Canada Wood Fibre Corp., we are proud to say we build Handcrafted Log Homes using logs in their purest, most natural form. We do not use milled logs, where each log is a carbon copy of the next. Rather, each log in a Handcrafted Log Home is as unique, in itself, as a snowflake. Why change what nature has already perfected? In essence… we build a log home that does not compete with the natural beauty of a forest, but complements and reflects your chosen surroundings.

The technology has changed…

Log Home then...

Log Home then...

but we’re still handcrafted.

Log Home now...

Log Home now...

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Canada Wood Fibre Corp. is dedicated to excellence in design, craftsmanship and quality. If properly designed and built, handcrafted log homes are one of the most enduring and beautiful forms of construction that exist in the world today. View our log home plans with many designs available.

You may click the boxes below to see slideshows of our log home interior and exterior pictures.

At Canada Wood Fibre Corp. we realize that the quality of a handcrafted package bears direct relation to the skill, knowledge and craftsmanship of the builder. Our professional crew of builders are chosen for their ability to create homes that surpass any other on the market.

...Choosing the right log home company may very well be the most important decision you will make in taking your vision to reality.

Included in our Log Home Kits:

  • All homes built using good quality winter cut house logs.
  • Wood species determined by customer.
  • Each log hand peeled and full length scribed, using Norweigan Wedge Notch, Saddle Notch, or notch of your choice on corners.
  • All window and doorway openings cut to size, keywayed and flared back.
  • All loft beams flattened on top to receive T&G flooring.
  • Upstair balconies with log posts and log railing.
  • Roof ridgelog and purlins with correct roof pitch cut.
  • Interior and exterior of package sanded.
  • 4'-0" overhang on gable ends and 2'-6" overhang on pitch ends.
  • All exterior corners curled, sanded and chamfered.
  • Tennon and mortice log staircase with log railings and posts.
  • Log King post trusses.
  • Interior log railing with posts.
  • All wall slots cut to receive interior wall finishing.
  • All thru bolts supplied on exterior corners.
  • All settling jacks supplied for main floor posts.
  • Package to a minimum height of 9'-0".
  • One man to supervise the re-assembly on your foundation.

Building your own log cabin home is an extremely exciting and adventurous prospect, but one that also involves a magnitude of choices, challenges, and decisions. With the popularity of log homes rapidly growing there is a noted growth in the number of family residences, as well as commercial buildings such as lodges, restaurants, hotels and office complexes being built from logs. With this growth log home construction companies must learn to take upon it themselves to do extensive research in the actual performance of their log structures. Those interested in building their own homes are increasingly asking questions relative to the thermal, fire, and wind resistancy of log home construction, as well as complete information of the type of species available, foundation and subfloor requirements, delivery, what is included in kits as well as building techniques. We have provided a very detailed information guide pertaining to handcrafted construction for those of you who wish to obtain further research prior to building.